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There are a growing number of "Free" sites to be found on the internet and a lot of info available about these sites which we're happy to direct you to.Here's the scoop:

1.Women who find themselves listed on free sites are inundated with literally HUNDREDS of letters. They're overwhelmed and quickly jaded by this and clearly unable and very soon unwilling to respond to this volume of mail.

2. As a rule, the thousands of guys who respond to free ads are less dedicated about finding a partner and far less willing to follow through with the process, which obviously is a turn-off to the women who recieve one form letter, then nothing further.

3. Women who are listed on Free Agencies with e-mail addresses (vs. regular mailing addresses) are inundated and overwhelmed with SEVERAL Hundreds of responses from the growing group of guys who simply "cut and paste" a cookiecutter e-mail letter - few of which are ever answered.

4. We feel that the women of A New Love.com are your best overall value and best shot at "the real deal" in finding a real relationship, which should be your number one objective, after all.

5. Most of the Free sites are free "temporarily" while they gather traffic to become "commercial" - a growing tecnique among Russia-based Introduction sites.

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