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"Note: For clients who are writing to women in Russia, Ukraine and Colombia we offer an E-mail forwarding service this can greatly increase the speed of your mail delivery." Click here for more information on the E-mail forwarding service.

1.Be Prolific: Write to as many women as possible. By writing many women you greatly increase your chances of success!!! The more attractive a woman the more letters she will receive so when writing to these women it is especially important to write to as many as possible. Remember that the more letters you send, the more contacts you will make and the more e-mails and letters you will recieve. Absolutely Include your e-mail address.

2.Do not place to much emphasis on the woman's photo: Remember this is just one amateur snapshot that she sent in to us. Take out your driver license and look at your photo, is that really representative of how you look today? The point is that the woman in the photo may look quite different in real life, so don't be too easily discouraged from writing to some of the women whose photos may not look perfect.

3.Read the ladies bio information. This information is there for a reason, you will be wasting your time as well as the ladies by responding to a women whom you know you will not be compatible with.

4.Address the letter properly: Believe it or not the US Post Office is one of the most efficient of its kind in the world. Thus we have become a little spoiled when it comes to our mail. Therefore it is important that you do every thing in your power to help ensure that your letter reaches its destination.

5.Russian addresses and Cyrillics: When you order addresses of Russian or Ukrainian women, you may also receive Cyrillic addresses. We provide the Cyrillics because most people believe it is a necessity, however this is a common misconception. The English format will and does work. However, if you decide to use the Cyrillic addresses, please remember that you must install the Cyrillic fonts on your computer. Please read the instructions carefully as to the installation and use. Remember, it is always a good idea to place the English version of the address in addition to the Cyrillic, just in case.

6.Keep records: When you receive the list of addresses photo copy them and keep a back-up. Clip the address for the woman you wish to correspond with and affix it to the envelope (use glue stick or clear tape).

7.Return Address: Write your return address on the envelope and definately provide you e.mail address, and also include a few return address labels with your letter so the lady won't have a problem responding to you.

8.Multiple Letters: It may be a good idea to send the letter in both type and written form. This way if she has a problem reading your handwriting she can refer to the typed copy.

9.Make Copies: It is important to make copies of the letters that you send to the women, especially if you are writing to many women at once. By doing this, when a lady responds to you, you can simply refresh your memory as to what you initially wrote her. See the "Using a System" section below.

10.Include Photo(s): Absolutely always include a photo(s) of yourself along with your letter. It is also a good idea to wrap the contents of your letter in plastic to help protect it from the elements. Letters without photos have an exponential chance of NOT getting answered. Always include a photo!

11.Print Neatly: When writing to the girls it is important to print clearly, and avoid the use of cursive English. We recommend a computer printed letter, if you're mailing several, but with a BIG personal signature in perhaps baby blue ink! Even though most of the women on our service have a working knowledge of the English language, it is difficult for them to read.

12.Consider Using a "System" - Clients have had a great success with, for example, sending out a computer generated 3-4 page (printed on the front and back of the paper) letter, mail-merged to the addresses of several women. Of course this is admittedly an identical letter except for the address. Individual letters and envelopes can personalized somewhat, of course and signed in blue ink with perhaps a short personal note. Addresses can be immediately "cut and pasted" from the e-mail from which they are sent to you, immediately into a Word document, where they can be further sorted, searched, indexed and used into mail merge into your pre-done form letter. A great way to introduce yourself to a larger number of potential prospects! Use colored paper to make your letter more unique and stand out. IT WORKS, guys!

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