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Q. Why would I want to use your service?

A. A New Love was designed for intelligent men who wish to explore all of their best options when choosing a new mate or close friend. Due to today's technology and our combined experience in this business, we are able to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together through our service. By viewing each woman's photos, and reading their bio-data, you can decide whom you would like to correspond with. The women on our service have written us expressly for the chance to meet that someone special! We continuously update and screen our list of women in order to offer you the best possible chance for a successful relationship! It' truly a "tried and true" method that has worked well.

Q. Is your service similar to a Mail Order Bride company?

A. No! A Mail Order Bride company implies that you are actually ordering something and paying for it. Our service simply supplies you with the names and addresses of women who have expressed an interest in meeting an American man. It is actually up to them to respond to your letter. We strive to help bring people together who really want to form a loving, caring, and lasting relationship.

Q. Are the women on your service really interested in me, or just coming to America?

A. First of all, becoming a US citizen is a very long and involved process, which could take several years. Secondly, while citizenship and legal residence is a factor there are many other more important factors for these women to consider. What they really want is someone they can trust, depend on, and have a close relationship with. They certainly don't want to leave their friends and family and move to a strange new place and find out they can't stand the person their committed to!!!

Q. Is there a charge for the women who participate on your service?

A. No. The service is free of charge for the women. By not charging them to be on our service we are able to bring you a greater number and cross-section of people from which to choose. For the most part however, the women on our service could easily afford to be there. We have people from all walks of life including Doctors, Teachers, Scientist, Business People, Farmers, etc. etc..

Q. What kind of a response will I receive?

A. That really depends on you. It is important that you read the bio-data information about the woman or women you intend to correspond with. You should only respond to those that you feel you will be compatible with. You should also review the Letter Writing Tips, and Some Good Advice. By following these guidelines you should receive a very favorable response.

Q. How long will I have to wait for a response?

A. Believe it or not the United States Post Office is one of the most efficient in the world. Unfortunately, some of the countries you will be writing to have very slow postal service. The speed varies from country to country, for example it may take several weeks to get a reply from what used to be the Soviet Union, and as little as a week to 10 days from the Philippines. Our best advice is to be patient, remember good things are worth waiting for!

Q. How important are looks ?

A. While outward appearance plays a role in any relationship, there are other factors which are much more important. We find that trust and stability are two of the most important factors especially for the women on our service. If a relationship does develop and the woman moves to this country she will want someone she can depend on. This is a major life move for her and at least at first there will be no one in this country other than you that she can turn to for support and comfort. Therefore, while looks may play a minor role; stability, trust, and a warm relationship are much more important factors.

Q. Are the addresses I receive current?

A. We strive to continually update our data. When we are made aware of an address that is no longer valid we immediately remove it from our list. We instruct the men and women on our service to notify us of any address changes so that we may update our records.

Q. Is age an important factor?

A. A New Love attempts to be as diverse as possible. We have people on our data base from all walks of life, different cultures, and varying age groups. Age does become a factor when choosing who you will be most compatible with, however do not let it become a barrier. For many people an older person represents stability and wisdom. In many cultures it is not uncommon to see major age differences between spouses.

Q. Should I send money to the women I correspond with to help with their expenses?

A. That is of course entirely up to you, however we strongly recommend that you do not. If the woman with whom you are corresponding is really interested in you then she will certainly respond without any financial incentive. If you really want to help with the cost of postage (most women and men on our service can easily afford this cost) we suggest that you send stamps as opposed to cash. We suggest you contact your local Post Office for more information on where to purchase the international stamps.

Q. Who may use A New Love services?

A. A New Love was originally created with the American male in mind. It seems however that the women who participate on the service do not simply want to find an American man but are open to the ideas of finding that special someone where ever he may be. Check out the letters on the Bulletin Board Page for a little insight.

Q. How may I make payment when I order?

A. If you are ordering inside or outside the United States you may make a secure payment by Visa and Mastercard via the net. We do accept Cashiers Checks and Money Orders. Please be sure the denomination is in U.S. currency. A bank transfer is possible if you prefer not to send check or money order.

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